Zoella Beauty Range…

Now I know that Christmas is all about being around loved ones and having a great time, (oh and food of course) however a Christmas without a few presents to unwrap in the morning wouldn’t be the same. For this Christmas I was given a few items from the Zoella Beauty range in which I have never tried any of the products before.

The items which I was given was one of the Christmas gift sets, the large vanity case and small coin purse and the “Hey Roomie” reed diffuser

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The first Item that I got from my sister was one of the Christmas gift sets. Included in the set is the “Creamy Madly Dreamy” body lotion, “Blistful Mistful” body mist and a cute blue and white polka dot head band. This trio is a perfect gift for anyone who loves a pamper evening or just girly things.

The scent of the two products is the scent from the original line which I absolutely love!

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The second product I will be reviewing is the large vanity case, which is part of the new range especially for Christmas. This product is the perfect size for any occasion as it can be used as a makeup bag, a toiletries bag or something to carry hair products in. I love this product and I believe it would also be a great gift or anyone.


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The last product I will be reviewing is the “Hey Roomie” reed diffuser. Now for a while now I have been wanting a room diffuser for my bedroom and when I found out that Zoe came out with one I instantly wanted it. This product smells amazing and makes my whole room smell wonderful which I love and would reccomend it for people who want an inexpensive room diffuser as it can be placed anywhere in the house because of its delicate design.

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Product Review |Schwarzkopf Beauty Balm

For the past 5 months or so I have been using this product  as my hair care product every time I wash my hair. Alongside this product I am using the L’Oreal Mythic Oil and the Dove heat defence spray however I believe that this product is the reason for my hair improving in it quality.

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For a retail price of £9.38 I think it is a no brainer, however other places do sell it at other prices:



It claims to have a “New cell perfector technology”, and also claims to “Intensively rehydrate hair and helps to protect hair against heat damage” It “Restores normal-Dry or curly hair at a cellular level for exceptional shine” which I think is correct.

To apply this product you work a small ammount (Depending on your hair thickness) into towel dry hair and leave in. As this product Includes Hyaluronic acid derivative and Panthenol it makes the hair healthier and more hydrated.

  • Hyaluronic acid = Is a gel-like, water holding molecule which hydrates the skin and hair
  • Panthenol = Increases water content of hair and improves its elasticity.

Overall I would really recommend this product to people who don’t want to spend massive amounts of money on hair care products as it is inexpensive and lasts a long time. Likewise I would further reccomend it for people who have heat damaged or coloured hair as it would benefit them in the long run as it hydrates and makes the hair look healthy.

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Lush Goodies …

So I did a little bit of shopping, no surprise there! However I love lush so so much that of course I had to pick up a few things. As you may or may not know lush has stocked their Christmas range of goodies for the holiday so I decided to go check it out. In the end I only ended up buying one thing from the collection which is so typical as I never get what I originally want in any situation. Furthermore I did pick up some products from the original line of bath bombs as well…


I only Purchased three items but just for my sake I had to take loads of pictures… (Typical me!)





The first Item which i picked up was the “Peeping Santa” bubble bar. Isn’t he cute? I just couldn’t leave him in the store and I believe he was the cheapest holiday item in store which made me want to get it more! The scent of this bubble bar is very Christmacy and warm which I love around this time of year and would recommend it to anyone.


The next item I bought is from the permanent line and it is “Blackberry” bath bomb. This one is probably in my top 5 of my favourite bath bombs as the scent is lovely and smells like palma Violet sweets…yummy! Now I wont ruin the surprise but inside is a special gift     which I found hilarious when I first tried one out!


The third and final bath bomb I purchased is “So White” bath bomb. This one is also one of my favourites as it has a slight scent of apples which I love, It is a plain bath bomb and isn’t very special however I love the plainness of it and how it wouldn’t turn the bath water any colour.


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