Lush Goodies …

So I did a little bit of shopping, no surprise there! However I love lush so so much that of course I had to pick up a few things. As you may or may not know lush has stocked their Christmas range of goodies for the holiday so I decided to go check it out. In the end I only ended up buying one thing from the collection which is so typical as I never get what I originally want in any situation. Furthermore I did pick up some products from the original line of bath bombs as well…


I only Purchased three items but just for my sake I had to take loads of pictures… (Typical me!)





The first Item which i picked up was the “Peeping Santa” bubble bar. Isn’t he cute? I just couldn’t leave him in the store and I believe he was the cheapest holiday item in store which made me want to get it more! The scent of this bubble bar is very Christmacy and warm which I love around this time of year and would recommend it to anyone.


The next item I bought is from the permanent line and it is “Blackberry” bath bomb. This one is probably in my top 5 of my favourite bath bombs as the scent is lovely and smells like palma Violet sweets…yummy! Now I wont ruin the surprise but inside is a special gift     which I found hilarious when I first tried one out!


The third and final bath bomb I purchased is “So White” bath bomb. This one is also one of my favourites as it has a slight scent of apples which I love, It is a plain bath bomb and isn’t very special however I love the plainness of it and how it wouldn’t turn the bath water any colour.


Thank you for reading…

Love Freya xxx


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