Hello 2016…

2015 has literally flown by and its is already the 15th January (Crazy!) however I wanted to blog about the things which have happened throughout 2015 which are going to stay in my memory. Now i’m only 16 so 2015 was a year of working hard and getting my GCSE’s which I guess is a memorable time. From January to May my time at school in Year 11 was by far the best time I have ever had even though exam prep was stressful, I became friends with new people which I will be friends with for the rest of my life and figured out exactly what I wanted to do in the future which is amazing. Knowing what I wanted to do when I was 11 was quite crazy however for the 4 years I was in education I stuck with my ambition which is what I am achieving now.

To go to College I just needed to get the grades I needed in my GCSE’s and I could start my journey to my dream job. For GCSE I got 2 A*’s, 1 A, 2 B’s, 2 C’s and 1 D (in History I will add… whoops!) After the stressful exams over the course of June 2015 and the anticipation of getting my results in August 2015 I was sure of exactly I wanted to do in the future and that is to be a professional makeup artist. I enrolled in college as I got the grades I needed to apply and that is what I am doing currently, training to be a makeup artist! I absolutely love it and couldn’t think of doing anything else.

In November 2015 I decided that I would start this blog as I want to document what I have been doing and the experiences which I will have as I grow up and I hope that you enjoy reading this blog as I have making it.

Hope you have a fantastic day,

Love Freya xx



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